Why health policy

Today I’ll be writing about the reason why I’m in health policy, which is a reseach-oriented field that responds to health needs through policy interventions such as laws, guidelines and rules.

For me it wasn’t crystal clear that it’s something I wanted to pursue as a career. It developed out of a desire to be helpful to more people.

It was a usual morning in my clinic. I was assigned as a municipal health officer in a mountainous region in the north of the country. I usually arrive in the clinic seeing patients already in line to see me, most of them having crossed hills and mountains to see me.

Normally, I try to greet them with a welcoming smile, looking forward to listen to their stories but also concerned about what ills have forced them to see me. I see the kindly old lady from the nearby village, following up for her usual blood pressure check-up, who greets me with a warm smile and an enthusiastic nod whenever I ask her to take her medications. I see a couple coming for advice on their family planning options. I see babies brought by their mothers for their vaccination.

Then I saw this middle-aged man, with impending doom written on his face, holding a plastic envelope containing various documents. It turned out that he wanted to seek advice about an important concern: how to pay for his hospital bills.

To be fair, the existing national health insurance system has paid for much of his bills. But he still had to pay for a few thousand pesos, which he cannot produce within the week alloted for him to pay his balance. I advised him that perhaps he just needed to see a social worker who can refer him to the proper channels for financial support.

But that was an encounter that got me thinking. I thought:

“What is the point of prescribing medications and treatment plans to patients who can’t afford them in the long run?”

I then realized that perhaps health policy was a good career after my stint in the health center. Not because it was a lucrative career option, but because I knew that I could at least work towards making sure that patients achieve better health because the health system works for them.

After my two-year experience as a municipal health officer, I received an invitation to apply for a researcher position at the Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies, a research institute under the aegis of the National Institutes of Health in UP Manila. With my director, I had the opportunity to do research on health insurance, health management and human resources for health, aspects of the health system which directly affect the health of patients in public health facilities.

Now, a few years have passed since I made the decision to pursue health policy as a career. I have been given the opportunity to present my work in some fora, gotten the chance to network with like-minded people and broaden my knowledge in dealing with complex health policy issues.

But I still wonder about that man who approached me in the clinic years ago. I think the best measure of my success as a health policy researcher is whether or not I have done something that directly impacted him and millions like him. The task is far from over. In fact, I think I’m just getting warmed up.

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