Who is Jimjim



I’m Jaifred Christian Lopez, and my friends call me Jimjim. I live in Quezon City, Philippines.

I am a physician by profession, and in the course of my practice, I found myself gravitating towards health policy research. I also teach research methods, community medicine, and other medical school subjects.

My main research interest is looking at how middle management in ministries of health and heath departments can be improved in order to produce the best health outcomes for the most number of people. This interest comes from my two-year experience in the Doctors to the Barrios program of the Philippine Department of Health, during which I was deployed to a rural municipality to serve as its municipal health officer. I learned much from that experience. A lot of the stories I will feature on this blog come from my two years in the program, but also from my current academic and professional pursuits, as well as my personal adventures.

I hope that you enjoy what this blog has to offer: a mix of academic aspiration, spiritual introspection, pragmatic consideration and occasional efforts at entertainment.

For a more detailed introduction, you can visit my LinkedIn profile.